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New State of the Art 5 Axis Laser Added to Bassett Industries’ Arsenal of Laser Cutting Equipment

Bassett increases its tube & formed sheet laser cutting capabilities with its acquisition of a new 4000 watt, 5 Axis laser for processing formed sheet metal parts, assemblies and large tube sections with a 33.4” Z stroke, 122” x axis and 86.6” y axis, and 4,400 lbs work piece  capacity. Bassett’s purchase of the 5 Axis allows for flexibility and post form trimming and feature additions to parts that were previously impossible to cut. The new 5 Axis CO2 laser will allow Bassett engineers to work with our industry partners to quickly and cost effectively process large or small batch production without the need for dedicated and costly tooling.


Contact a Bassett rep today to learn more about our new and expanded capabilities of the 5 axis laser along with our other fabrication specialties. Contact us at 1-800-776-6440 or