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Video: Bassett Industries Company and Capabilities Overview

We are excited to release this new video showcasing the full scope of our manufacturing capabilities from design engineering and tube bending through welded assemblies and packaging.

Bassett Industries is proud to deliver quality tubular and fabricated sheet components, weldments and assemblies out of our state-of-the-art facility in Pottstown, PA.  We are the largest tube fabrication facility on the east coast, ISO9001:2015 certified, and members of AWS, FMA, SME.

Some highlights include:

Engineering: Our engineering department uses 3D modeling and simulation software to determine feasibility of all parts prior to production runs.  Multiple 2D & 3D CMMs, engineering capabilities, advanced inspection equipment, along with in-house training ensure all jobs exceed quality expectations.  Our skilled team delivers on engineering, service, packaging, shipping, and billing to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Tube Fabrication: We process tubes and structural shapes up to 27 feet in length, including steel and aluminum.  State-of-the-art CNC tube benders bend radii from 1D mandrel bends to large, sweeping roll bent parts 3/8“ to 6“ dia.

Roll bending and forming tubes, channels, angle iron, I-beams, square, rectangular material.

Laser Tube Fabrication: Our multiple 5-axis laser tube lasers process formed sheet metal parts, assemblies and tubes with a 33” Z stroke, 122” X axis and 87” Y axis.  Round, square, rectangular tubes and structural shapes up to 9 ¼ inch diameter and 4,000 lbs. can be processed.

Fibre Laser Cutting: The 4 x 2 meter fiber laser delivers speeds 4-5 times faster than conventional CO2 lasers, reducing lead times and cost.  It accurately cuts materials including steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.

5-Axis Laser Cutting: Multiple 5 axis lasers allow post processing of features with extreme precision.

CNC Machining: Multiple machining centers and 2D / 3D CAD programming software provide greater productivity and allow us to complete complex parts in one operation.

Waterjet Cutting: Multiple large format waterjets include cutting sizes up to 275 in. long x 120 in. wide, with thickness up to12 inches, pressure up to 90,000 psi and tolerances to +/-0.003 in.

Press Brakes/Forming: Our press brakes use precision tooling to form sheet metal parts that range from 14 ft. in length to small complex box style products with numerous bends.

Welding: In house CWIs and certified welders certified to AWS D1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 guarantee quality on MIG, TIG & spot weldments.  We can weld large components up to 20,000 lbs. and sizes up to 10 ft. H x 14 ft. W x 120 ft. L.

Contact us to arrange a visit to our facility and meet our people.